THE benefits OF NETWORK TRANSFORMATION require much more than a thoughtful COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION. strongbow creates an actionable PLAN for execution, driving REAL RESULTS.




Today, enterprise networks are the lifeblood of every business. Our unique approach to network transformation evaluates all the moving parts of the solution - ultimately delivering greater adoption, improved performance and higher return on investment.



The baseline exercise is the foundation supporting all aspects of our analysis, and goes well beyond identifying pricing and volumes. Factors including depreciation, end of life requirements, end user segmentation, real estate plans and current operational processes and workflows are closely examined as part of the broader solutioning exercise.


Crafting the right solution requires a holistic understanding of business and technical drivers, and a clear understanding of the technical and commercial options available in the marketplace. Our process navigates both worlds – client and provider – to identify viable, innovative solutions for our clients.

Deployment Planning + Support

The implementation of any infrastructure transformation requires careful planning and focused execution. Strongbow’s process extends beyond commercial negotiations, and provides support for deployment management including end of life refresh, facilities and real estate planning, decommissioning of legacy assets and services, and end user adoption and communications planning.


Building the Foundation for Change


Strongbow will create a comprehensive view of your current operating costs, asset profile, operational dependencies and commercial arrangements.  With the current baseline clearly identified, Strongbow will identify immediate cost savings, end of life refresh requirements and other key technical and operational considerations to be addressed during the network transformation process.


baseline & current analytic state

A detailed, specific clear understanding of the current state enables better outcomes. Strongbow provides deep baseline analytics to drive better results for all stakeholders.

  • Financial baseline

  • Technical baseline

  • Operational assessment

  • Commercial review and assessment

  • Total Cost Ownership (TCO)


comprehensive Requirements definition

Clear, well documented requirements for all aspects of the transformation effort will enable successful execution in the end. Strongbow drives consistency and focus.

  • Business, technical and operational

  • Line of business and end user

  • Pro-Forma business case

  • Defined target end state

  • Service delivery models

  • Operational support model


program risks & interdependencies

Understanding the interdependencies between network technologies is critical to transformation success. Strongbow assesses key interdependencies and other program risks to bullet proof implementation planning.

  • LAN / WAN tech debt

  • Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi

  • Operational processes

  • Internal resources

  • Third party management

  • Tool sets / Performance Management


Identifying the Optimal Solution for your Transformation Program


Regardless of where you are in the process of network transformation, Strongbow can help you identify the optimized target end state, prepare and administer a competitive sourcing event and select the solution provider(s) who will optimally support the target end state. From the initial business case to bid creation and management, to build vs. buy analysis, Strongbow accelerates your transformation program.



  • Leverage Strongbow's market insight to identify the potential technical solutions most appropriate for your unique starting place, and optimal target end state

  • Identify the optimal operational support model based on your unique needs

  • Leverage strategic relationships with suppliers to improve stewardship and increase awareness and flexibility



  • Evaluate current suppliers and cost bases to identify short term savings opportunities to be captured throughout transformation

  • Identify required investment and OPEX savings to determine TCO, ROI and break even across the entire multi-year transformation program

  • Prepare Build vs. Buy analysis to identify optimal consumption model



  • Identify and compare alternative technical solutions and service delivery models to ensure comprehensive review

  • Quantify financial benefits (and timing thereof)

  • Identify key risks and prepare remediation strategies and contingency plans



  • Identify qualified suppliers (bidders) for potential technical solutions

  • Prepare bid documents to guide evaluation process

  • Evaluate bids and prepare detailed recommendations

  • Prepare and manage test plans, pilots and/or proof of concept

  • Assist negotiations with winning providers and/or interim incumbents

  • Prepare supplier exit strategies to minimize barriers and costs


Implementation and Deployment Support


Realizing the benefits of network transformation requires a thoughtful plan for implementing new solutions while retiring legacy assets. From detailed analytics supporting site prioritization to internal communications and end user adoption programs, Strongbow works with clients to ensure real results.



Once the target solution has been identified and contracted, Strongbow will help you prepare a detailed implementation plan that will prioritize each site or geography in order to minimize operational disruption, mitigate transition risk and maximize return on investment.


change management

For technologies that will impact the end user, Strongbow will prepare and manage an internal communications plan, as well as targeted user adoption programs to help ensure that the new technology is quickly integrated into steady state operations.


DECOMMISSION of legacy infrastructure

A critical component of all business cases is the retirement of legacy assets and services which must be removed from inventory and invoicing. Strongbow will manage this process to ensure that all costs and charges are appropriately removed and eliminated.